Clear Aligners in Fort Lauderdale

There is no comparison between the comfort, clarity and efficiency Precision Align. In fact, Precision Align is so well designed and comfortable, it is the ONLY clear aligner company providing treatment by an actual United States, board certified orthodontist.

precision align fort lauderdale

After much frustration with existing company’s not modernizing or allowing him to personally design aligners in a way that eliminates many shortcomings, Dr. Freeman took it upon himself to switch to Precision Align. This allows him to design all of his own aligners right here in the United States, using materials that he feels are far better than the ones other companies offer, providing him better control over the design process. This also allows him to eliminate many of the glued-on attachments and interproximal reduction (shaving of teeth) that is required for tooth movement using the other clear aligner systems. It allows Dr. Freeman to be more efficient, as almost all other clear aligner systems are treatment planned, designed and manufactured outside of the United States by general dentists, not orthodontists.


Our patients can Clearly see the difference!!

clear aligners fort lauderdale